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My New Car

Upgrading to a new car? Here’s how to sell the old one. (Photo Credits)

Upgrading to a new vehicle is a huge decision, and once a car owner has already finalized his need to upgrade, the next task is to sell his current car.

Personal finance website Nerd Wallet says selling a car quickly is not impossible as long as the owner is willing to do some extra leg work, and if the car’s papers are in order. Preparing the paperwork is the initial step that they recommend.

“Locate your car’s title. This is also called a pink slip; it gives you the legal right to sell the car. But don’t sign it yet. Check with your lender. If you still owe money on your vehicle’s loan, call the lender to find out how to arrange the sale. Visit the DMV online. Check with your state’s department of motor vehicles to see what paperwork will be required to transfer ownership. Many forms can be downloaded and printed out. Also, find out if the license plates go with the car when it’s sold. Order a vehicle history report.”

The rest of the steps can be found here.

Pricing the used car

Australian based website Practical Motoring says pricing is the next step in selling a used car. In their web post, they mentioned that it is important that the car is prices sensibly.

“Make sure you’re realistic about the price you put on your car. Do some research on car sales websites to gauge the market – an overpriced car will put potential buyers off. And if you are pricing your car above the market, make sure you explain why; are you selling it with accessories that weren’t standard? List any extras your car has to ensure it isn’t overlooked by potential buyers.”

Read the rest of the step-by-step procedures they identified in selling a car quickly here.

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The website says car owners should take advantage of the Internet when selling a car. In their car selling guide Car Proof mentioned that providing all the information a prospective buyer may need makes a car even more saleable.

“About 80% of car buyers shop online, and 39% believe online sources are the best for researching vehicles. To sell your car quickly, be where your customers are, and be there in a meaningful way. Selling a used car involves reassuring the buyer they’re getting a good deal. Presentation is a major part of this process, and it can be the difference between selling a used car quickly and having to wait for a buyer to become interested. Post advertisements with professional-looking pictures that show the vehicle from multiple angles. Special deals like new tires or custom work can also be major selling points for a used car.”

The rest of their selling tips can be found here.

Selling a used car requires a sizeable effort from the seller. It is important that paperwork, pricing, and all information are available to the buyers.

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