Easy steps to a clean-looking windshield

Cleaning the windshield may not exactly be the best thing to do on a weekend, but it pays to keep the windscreen is clean and in top condition. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep the windshield looking clean and scratch-free.

This article will discuss these easy ways and suggest some maintenance tips to keep the windscreen and car windows in good condition.

Cleaning the windshield

The first step to take when cleaning the Autoglass is to ensure that the windshield is in neutral temperature first. Never clean a windshield that is too cold due to recently removed snow that piled on top of it, or one that is too chilly due to exposure to cold weather conditions. At the same breath, one should not clean a windshield that is too hot. For instance, if a car is parked under the intense heat of the sun, the homeowner should get the car out of that area and let the windshield cool into a tepid temperature before starting to clean it. SD Auto Glass San Diego

The first step to take when cleaning the Autoglass is to ensure that the windshield is in neutral temperature first

The explanation for this is since the glass expands when exposed to too much heat, dousing cold water on it could cause it to crack. In the meantime, glass shrinks when exposed to cold temperature, and so dousing hot water on it can cause it to expand and cause it to crack in the process. Low Cost Windshield Repair And Replacement

Use a glass cleaner

While soap and water work fine, the glass cleaner ensures that all marks and streaks are safely removed from the auto glass. Ordinary glass cleaner works just as fine as the expensive ones, and so vehicle owners need not worry about the price.

Use a soft, clean cloth and avoid swirling it around the glass

When cleaning the windshield, always use a clean and soft cloth like a microfiber rag or an old cotton shirt. Never do it in circles, since it is better and way cleaner if the cleaning moves are done either from left to right, or from up to down. Mobile Auto Glass Repair San Diego

Do not forget about the windows

The windows need tender, loving care too. Car owners should clean it using a cleaner side of the cloth for every window frame. Like the windscreens, car windows must also be cleaned from both the inside and the outside.