THere are ways to protect the windshield from the damage brought about by exposure to intense heat

There are ways to protect the windshield from the damage brought about by exposure to intense heat

Sustaining windshield damage is both costly, inconvenient, and possibly dangerous. Vehicle owners should do their best to avoid such circumstances even if a windshield replacement or repair is covered by their insurance policy.

The extreme heat outdoors is becoming a challenge for most vehicle owners as exposing their windshields on it for a prolonged period can cause damage. SD Auto Glass Website

What extreme heat exposure does to the windshield

Even the most expensive brand of auto glass can sustain heat damage when directly exposed to it for a prolonged period. Since glass expands under heat, abrupt exposure to cold, air-conditioned air that causes the glass to contract can have an adverse reaction on the windshield. About the business

Another way heat causes damage to the windshield is when it suddenly gets exposed to cold water. Sometimes, vehicle owners absent-mindedly decide to clean up their cars without considering that their windscreen was exposed to intense heat for several hours that day. Once cold water gets into the heated windshield it can crack right away, and cause permanent damage.

Caring for the windshield

Below are some of the ways to keep the windshield safe from the damage that exposure to intense heat may bring:

  1. Always park in the shade. Choose covered parking garages, and multi-level or basement parking spaces when leaving your car during the daytime. If parking in these types of spots is not feasible, then choose an area where the windshield will not be exposed to direct sunlight. El Cajon SD Auto Glass Park near a safe structure like a building or a huge and stable tree to protect the windshield from getting damaged.
  2. Never blast off the air conditioners as soon as returning to a car parked under the sun. Make sure to start the cooling slowly by choosing the fan mode first before going to the low, and medium cool options. Crack the windows open to help the hot air to escape the cabin.
  3. Never douse water or use the wiper fluid after exposing the vehicle to direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Cold water can cause auto glass to crack.
  4. Refrain from slamming doors especially when the car is exposed to extreme heat.