Ensuring Safety and Security

Bulletproof cars

Bullet proof transport. (Photo Credits)

For VIPs, having a bullet proof car could be one of their security must-haves.

That is the reason why some car manufacturers have decided to come up with ready-made bullet-proof vehicles, shared by the website The Quint.

“The car is powered by a massive W12 engine that weighs almost 4 tons. If you are wondering why so? Then you might be interested to know that the car is bomb-proof, bullet-proof (we are talking about Dragunov sniper rifle here), fire-proof and also protects you in case of a chemical attack!”

Check out the car here.

No need for some VIPs

For the pope though, riding in a bulletproof vehicle is not a security must, as shared by the website Catholicsay.com.

“Despite the security issues in Central African Republic, plans for the papal visit will still go ahead as normal. Pope Francis said he would not wear bulletproof vest or use a shield on the Popemobile during his visit to the Central African Republic”

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News24.com meantime shared that the sun’s rays can damage bullet-proof vehicles.

“Bulletproof state vehicles will be damaged if they stand out in the sun, a police official explained to journalists”

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Would you like to have a bullet-proof vehicle?