Tips on Applying Car Wax

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Car waxing could be a chore for some, but for many car enthusiasts, it is an essential step to make a car look even cleaner.

There are many advantages of applying car wax on a vehicle.

The website In the Nation shared some in one of its posts.

“Waxing your car is a great way to keep it looking sharp, but did you know it has many more benefits? In addition to giving your car a beautiful shine, waxing helps by: Protecting the paint from airborne contaminants and the elements. By forming a protective coat, it prevents corrosive elements (like salt or tar), as well as bugs, from becoming embedded in your paint.”

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Tips on waxing cars

Nutley Kia shared a video that taught motorists about how to properly apply wax on their cars.

“#3 Use hard wax regularly. Compared to liquid and soft waxes, hard wax lasts longer and provides a stronger protection to your car. You should use it every 6 months to make sure continually give the best care of your vehicle. #4 Use circular motions. No matter when you apply the wax or remove it, use circular motions with the towel to make sure you gently cover every corner of the car and bring it to a high gloss.”

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The website Life Aspire meantime shared other interesting uses of car wax, apart from applying it on a vehicle.

“Got Fingerprints? Those tiny fingerprints on your child’s snow scene picture from school, super cute! Those tiny fingerprints on your stainless steel refrigerator, not so cute. Polish that appliance with car wax to erase those unwanted marks, and help keep them from returning!”

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Waxing has a lot of advantages, and if coupled with constant car window and windshield cleaning, cars can look like new all the time.