Dealing with the harsh winter

Snowy Mini Cooper

Snow can wreak havoc on the windshield. (Photo Credits)

The winter weather can be harsh, not just on people and animals, but even on cars. It is important that vehicle owners are aware of how to care for their cars during the snowy season to avoid problems like broken windshield.

Usually, when a car is parked outside, snow will accumulate on the windshield, giving car owners a hard time in cleaning up before they can go off to their destination. What is even more problematic about it is that it can even cause cracking if it has not dealt with properly.

For instance, dousing hot water to defrost the windshield, or even lukewarm water can give way to auto glass cracks that can be expensive, and more inconvenient. Using a winter wiper fluid solution that comes with an anti-freeze formula will also help.

The website Consumer Reports came up with tips on cleaning up the windshield that has been covered in snow.

“Don’t try to use the wipers and those brand-new wiper blades to remove ice from the windshield. Instead, use an ice scraper on frosty mornings. If you park outside, place the wipers in the raised position when it’s going to snow overnight to keep them from freezing to the windshield.”

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KFDA Texas meanwhile shared more tips on dealing with snow in the windshield. In their article they mentioned that auto glass care should also extend on car side mirrors.

“You can also purchase a car blanket which is similar to a sun shade you use during the summer. It fits around the outside of your car, then in the morning you just pull it off and none of the ice or snow is stuck to your windshield. Another thing you can do for your car is protect your side view mirrors by taking a plastic grocery bag…wrapping it around the mirror then in the morning just pull it off and your mirror.” The rest of their tips can be found here.

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As for foggy windows, the Cars section of the media website, US News mentioned anti-fogging tips that could help drivers stay safe during the winter months.

“Lower the Moisture Level: Fogging occurs when warm, moist air inside the car hits the cold air outside your windshield. Your snowy boots, wet gloves and even that cup of steaming coffee, as well as your breathing create moisture in your car. We don’t recommend holding your breath for the duration of your drive, but if your coats or gloves get wet while clearing off the car, consider putting them in the trunk before heading off.”

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Caring for the windshield is important especially during the winter months. Apart from safety, vehicle owners should also be cautious about possible cracking and breakage.

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