Winter windshield care tips

Winter may be a wonderful time of the year for some, but it poses damage risks for the windshield. Inclement weather can easily inflict damage on the windscreen given the extremely low temperature, and the tendency of snow to pile on top of the windshield.

Vehicle owners must take extra care of the windshield during the snow season. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep the auto glass in optimal condition during the winter. This article will tackle these ways to hopefully spread more information on winter windshield care, and help vehicle owners avoid preventable windshield damages, and its corresponding expense and inconvenience. SD Auto Glass San Diego

Winter windshield care is important as it keeps the auto glass in optimal condition during the snow season.

Winter and the windshield

Vehicle owners should pay close attention to where they park their vehicles during the winter. If at all possible, the car should be parked in a covered garage or parking spot. This would at least help them avoid the trouble of having to defrost their auto glass.

For vehicle owners who do not have a choice when it comes to parking, there are options to consider that could at least mitigate the trouble of snow piles in the windscreen. These include using a car cover. Car Window Repair San Diego Ca

Properly defrost the windshield

Vehicle owners should defrost their auto glass correctly. For instance, they should be patient enough to wait for their car to correctly defrost, and avoid shortcuts. These harmful shortcuts include using blow dryers, space heaters, dousing hot water, or using objects that could remove the piles of snow in the windshield instantaneously. Mobile Auto Glass Replacement San Diego

The sudden shift in temperature or the abrasion caused by the object used to remove the piles of snow can abruptly damage the windshield. The damage could range from deep scratches to windshield cracks that are beyond repair. SO vehicle owners should never use spatulas, keys, or other sharp objects to remove ice from their windshield and instead use items that are meant to help remove ice safely.

It is better to just use a de-icing spray on the windshield to help expedite the defrosting process. A soft cloth and a plastic scraper meant to safely remove ice from the windshield could also help in removing snow piles on top of the Autoglass.