Windshield damage is commonly incurred in public parking areas

windshield damage in parking lot

Possible windshield damage in parking lot

Public parking areas are very useful for car owners. However, there are caveats to using them. Sometimes, the damage is unavoidable since it is used by anyone who can afford to pay for the parking fees. Moreover, if the areas are accessible to pedestrians, they can also be accessible to thieves, burglars, and rowdy people who might accidentally damage the windscreen.

Given the circumstances mentioned above, it is important to carefully choose one’s parking spot as it does not matter how long the car is left in the parking because accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. This article rounds up the different types of windshield damage commonly incurred in public parking spaces. SD Auto Glass Homepage

Windshield scratches

The windshield can get scratched in any public parking space, especially on the roadside. Sometimes streets and alleys are home to cats that could jump on cars and scratch windshields. How to deal with this issue? Get the scratches repaired by a windshield repair company especially if the scratches are located along the driver’s line of sight.

Windshield cracks due to falling object

While parking under the tree protects the vehicle from intense heat, branches and fruits can drop on the windshield causing cracks or even breakages. Never park under a tree, especially during a windy day. If the damage has already occurred call for a mobile windshield replacement service. About us

Windshield chip

Sometimes, passers-by or other people who might be horsing around could accidentally throw objects in the car and chip the windshield in the process. This chip is not just an eyesore, it can morph into a crack that could permanently damage the auto glass. Upon discovering a chip in the windshield, the car owner should set aside time to have the chip repaired before it progresses into bigger damage.

Broken windshield

The windshield can break either due to burglary or an accident. Leaving a car in an unsecured parking lot could mean thieves breaking into the car through the windshield, rear windscreen, or any of the car windows. Always prioritize security when it comes to vehicle parking, and never leave valuables in the car, especially within sight of passers-by. Always engage the vehicle alarm system to help deter burglars. El Cajon Office