What to do with a leaking windshield

What if water seeps into windshield?

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What to do when water penetrates the windscreen? (Photo Credits)

A leaky windshield can cause moisture problems in the car, and vision issues for its driver. It is important that when a leak is suspected, it be addressed right away to prevent further trouble.

Nationwide Insurance came up with a blog post guiding its clients on what to do in case they are suspecting that their windscreens are leaking. Apart from testing for leakage, they also shared ways on how to deal with this issue.

“To test for a leak, Vandale recommends gently showering the car with water. The lower the water pressure used, the faster the vehicle will actually leak, he explains. If a hose is put on full force, the water will bounce right off. Also, if you have a wind noise in the vehicle, Vandale recommends using soap to detect the leak because where wind can get in, so can water.”

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Leaky Windshield Issues

Popular Mechanics also shared some tips on how to go about dealing with leaky windshields and car weather-stripping issues. In their article, they also shared some advice on the best options vehicle owners can take to deal with such an occurrence.

“Weatherstripping comes in two varieties: factory-replacement and generic. Generic can be a little sketchy and is best suited for a very old car or junker you won’t be keeping long. If you want a proper fix, and judging by your pride in ownership, you do, factory-style replacement is the only way to go. Cross-shop your VW dealer against aftermarket retailers to find replacement parts you’re comfortable with.”

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Instructables meanwhile shared some Do-It-Yourself tricks to get by with a leaky windshield – at least until professional windshield services are sought.

“I put a strip of blue painters’ masking tape on the windshield and the roof right next to the gasket. Then I loaded up the exposed part of the channel behind the loose part of the gasket with as much transparent silicone sealant as I could get in. I put the bar in place and extended it until the seal was pressed all the way back into the channel, and then 1 click more. I didn’t want to put enough force on it to deflect the roof even slightly.”

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The best way to deal with a leaky windshield is to seek professional windshield repair services. There are mobile repair and replacement services that can ensure that the leaks will be fixed in no time.

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