What not to do during a car wash service

Get that Car cleaned


All about car wash service stations. (Photo Credits)

Car wash service stations dot the whole metropolis and apart from being a great place to have a car really clean, it could also be home to a few interesting stories.

Like this security video share by the website Little Things. San Diego residents

“Everyone loves their cars, and in America, it should come as no surprise that all of us want to have the shiniest and prettiest car on the block. So every year, thousands of car washes around the country notice a huge boost in sales as more and more people come to get their car’s cleaned off. But for one unlucky man, he went to get his car cleaned by an automatic car-washer, and it seems that he had a momentary lack of judgment. While it’s easy to judge this poor guy and call him names, we all have to realize he’s doing something that we do dozens of times every single day. He opens the door to his own car, in just a tiny mistake, and quickly pays the consequences!”

Watch it here.

Another type of danger

Speed Society shared yet another warning for vehicle owners requesting for car wash service. car windows

“We watch as this Chevrolet S10 wielding a genie lift rolls into the wash and the crew learns really quick that they should have unloaded the lift and rolled it in instead of just going for it. Check out the footage below as the truck rolls in and almost immediately begins causing mayhem. Next time, a second set of eyes might come in handy.”

See the video clip here.

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For vehicle owners who want to do a DIY Car wash, then these pointers shared by Car Throttle may just prove to be very useful.

“It’s surprising how many people just wash the car, rinse it and then leave it to dry of its own accord. Sure, it’ll save you time, but if you haven’t dried it (we’d recommend using a terry towel) it’ll be covered in ugly water marks. This is particularly the case if you’ve washed the car in direct sunlight, which is something you should try to avoid.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Do you wash your car on your own or pay for wash service?