What gets thrown out of the window

Pets that get thrown out of Car Windows

The Jedi

What will come out flying? (Photo Credits)

If you see a pet getting thrown out of a car window, in a freeway, or in any highway for that matter, would you stop and help that animal out?

Some would say yes, some would like to but are far too busy.

But there are those who took the extra mile to rescue, and bring the pet to clinics and vets who can help with the injuries.

Just like this lady, featured by KCTV who helped a dog after it got thrown out of a window in the interstate. “The Great Plains SPCA is nursing an innocent dog back to health while police look for the person who nearly killed him. The dog was thrown from a vehicle onto Interstate 435 near 87th Street. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan saw it all happen and was able to help.’She saw a dog get thrown from a window of a truck. She immediately pulled over and bundled him up,’ said Christine Brewer with Great Plains SPCA.The intake staff at the Kansas City no-kill animal shelter recall the shock of the afternoon as they quickly stepped into action to help a dog and the woman who stopped to save him.

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Bruised and Hurt

In Missouri meanwhile, a cute Chihuahua was thrown out of the window of an unidentified truck as reported by media outfit Fox4Kc.com.

“Witnesses at the scene observed an older-model turquoise pick-up truck throw a black-and-tan male Chihuahua out of the passenger side window of the truck; the truck then left the scene of the crime.  The dog was rescued by Animal Health and Safety Officers, who immediately brought the dog in for veterinary care. At this time the dog is stable, but has sustained significant injuries to both back legs.”

Check out the video here.

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In England, a truck driver meantime rescues a kitten after being thrown out the highway as shared by the website Viral Spell.

“A Truck driver is being hailed a hero for rescuing a young kitten after it had been thrown out of a car window onto a highway. The unidentified man saw the black and white kitten, now named “Lucky Laurie”, in the median strip of the M58 highway in England”

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So will you help one when you see one?