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clean car

Clean cars with sparkling clear windows are just so great to see. (Photo Credits)

Keeping the car clean can be a challenge for some vehicle owners especially for mothers with young children.

Thankfully, tips abound on how to keep a car’s interior and exterior pleasingly clean.

Buzzfeed for instance shared ways to deep clean a car.

“Elbow grease FTW. Use white or un-dyed washcloths, though, so the color dyes in the cloth don’t rub off onto your car’s fabric. See the full step-by-step here, and a recipe that uses dish soap and washing soda instead of all-purpose cleaner here.”

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Tips and Hacks

Tip Hero also published its share of hacks to keep a vehicle spic and span.

“When you think of spring cleaning, you probably imagine airing out your windows and cleaning your home until it shines. But there are plenty of other things that fall under the wide (and very pristine) umbrella of spring cleaning. For instance, your car! I will speak for myself – although I’m sure many of you will feel my pain – when I say that my car is an absolute disaster area . There is a Kermit the Frog Chia pet in my back seat, which I think says it all. If you need to clean your car as desperately as I do, take advantage of spring to do the cleaning! Check out these 17 helpful hints to get started on your spring car cleaning.”

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9Gag.TV meantime shared a video clip of what it described to be “the best car cleaner.”

His clients pay a starting rate of £5000 with a lengthy process which even removes scratches. Woah.

Wath him clean a car here.

How do you keep your car clean?