Ways to dispose of an old car

What to do with an old, non-working car

old car

There are several ways to dispose of an old car. (Photo Credits)

It may be sitting in the garage or a parking lot, and there seems to be no use of it. No one wants to buy it, but it has to be disposed of. What is a car owner to do?

There are several ways to go about disposing of an old and non-running car, but car owners usually have things in mind when they are about to let go of an automobile they once owned. Some want to dispose of it while earning a profit from its scraps, some wish to recycle, and some want to get rid of the vehicle in any convenient and quick way possible.

Yourmechanic.com says getting rid of a car that is no longer roadworthy can be done in several ways. In their article, they mentioned that car owners would have to ask them the following questions first to determine how to proceed about the disposal. In their report, they also emphasized that the vehicle owner can still earn from the disposal no matter the condition of the junk vehicle.

“There are a few things to consider when you are getting rid of a junk car. Are you willing to put in some time and effort to get more money from the car? Are you willing to donate the car to a charity for a small yet rewarding tax receipt? Do you have the space to store the car or its components until they sell? Do you want it gone as quickly as possible? Knowing your time and space limitations will give you a good idea of which method to explore to get rid of your junk car.”

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Recycling an old car

The website Recyclenation.com also shared a few ideas on how to let go of an old, non-running car. In their article, they emphasized that the best way to go is to recycle the old car either to a metal scrap yard, or a recycling donation program. They say car owners should be aware that a lot of elements that make a car work can be harmful to the environment when a car has been junked carelessly.

“Used cars also contain a number of toxic materials. Almost all cars still have gas in the tank, oil in the motor and antifreeze in the radiator when you quit driving them. Car batteries contain a lead-acid mixture that is very bad for the environment. Most of these things can be recycled. Those that cannot need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Check out the full write-up https://recyclenation.com/2015/03/how-to-recycle-used-cars/

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Auto trading website Carsdirect.com also came up with a list of ways to dispose of non-working vehicles. Foremost in their list is disposing of through donation. They explained that there is a growing number of groups and foundations that may offer to pick up a junk car for free, without the owner having to pay for towing or disposal fee.

“Car donation has some great benefits. You will be helping a charity by donating the car. The charity will then sell the car, and the proceeds will go to their charity. Since charities are nonprofits, any money that they can generate will be beneficial. Another benefit is that you can get a tax deduction for your donation. Considering that the car is pretty much worthless, to get anything off of your taxes is a huge plus.”

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Disposing of a non-roadworthy car should always be done in consideration of the environment.