Why De-Clutter Your Vehicle?


There are many reasons to declutter one’s car. (Photo Credits)

Clutter can leave a space untidy, disorganized, and can bring about negative emotions. It can even hamper productivity to some extent because it inhibits a clear space, which in turn helps the mind function well.

There are many reasons why one has to aim for a clutter-free vehicle.

Foremost is SAFETY which was emphasized by the website Simply Placed. “An often-overlooked reason for decluttering your car relates to safety.  Did you know that an estimated 13,000 injuries a year result from loose items inside a vehicle that become projectiles in an auto accident?  A 1-liter bottle of water can fly through the air with almost 45 lbs of force.  A tote bag or backpack filled to 20 lbs can hit you with a force of 1,000 lbs.  Studies show on average there are 25 unsecured items in an automobile that can become airborne in an accident.” Here’s the whole article.

Car Decluttering 101

Second top reason for decluttering one’s car – to keep it tidy. Huffington Post specified this in one of the articles it published about having an organized car. “For the most part, you probably don’t think about that gap between your seat and the center console — until you round a corner and swoosh! Your cell phone slides down, trapped in a space too narrow for your fingers to easily grab it. While we’re apt to immediately retrieve our iPhones — though please, resist the urge to lunge for fallen items while driving (distractions like this were responsible for 3,331 deaths in 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation) — certain items tend to nest there indefinitely: crumpled gum wrappers, pens “borrowed” from the bank, the loose change you’re always hunting for when you reach a toll. After you’ve taken a few minutes to clear everything out, the next step is to close the gap.”

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Reason number three to declutter one’s automobile is to find what the driver needs when he needs to find it. Unclutterer.com says usually the trunk becomes a clutter zone especially when the car owner becomes too busy to mind the clutter that has been building up in there.

“Depending on what’s in your trunk, you may need at least 15 to 20 minutes to free up space in this part of your car. Just like you did for the interior, you can section off your trunk into sections. Starting with one small area will help you sift through the jackets, dig out the suitcase from last month’s business trip, and take out the ski gear from January’s family vacation. Getting through a section will motivate you to clear out the other stuff jammed in there. Continue the 3-Bag approach to fully de-junk your trunk.” More dejunking tricks can be found here.

Keeping clutter out of one’s car is definitely a good practice if only to ensure cleanliness, and organization of mind and space.

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