Driving with Essential Oils

Essential oils

Long daily car drives can be more bearable with essential oils. (Photo Credits)

Harnessing the many benefits of essential oil use while driving can be a good way to avoid stress during the whole commute and at the same time to stay alert.

The website Diet of Life says came up with its ten most recommended essential oils for driving. Sweet or Wild Orange is included in the list. “All citrusy aromas have shown to be beneficial for drivers. Not only is this essential oil creating a better atmosphere, but it also increases your energy and emotional well being. It has a fresh aroma which will make your long drive more enjoyable.”

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Promoting Focus and Alertness while Driving

Natural Living Ideas also came up with its own list of recommended EOs for driving. Rosemary is on top of their list.

“This brain-boosting oil is very useful for drivers because it can keep you fully awake and alert while driving. It increases focus and concentration and helps you make rational decisions quickly. If it seems to be too strong for the kids, use one to two drops on a tissue that you can tuck into your shirt pocket or under the collar, rather than diffusing it in the car.”

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The website Diffuser Essentials also came up with a list of Essential Oils best diffused while driving. It also gave suggestions as to the best EO to diffuse when one of the passengers have the tendency to be car sick.

“Another common problem while driving is motion sickness. For more tips on dealing with motion sickness, see our post dedicated to nausea and motion sickness. Essential oils that can help with motion sickness include peppermint, ginger, fennel, and spearmint.”

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Knowing the benefits and uses of essential oils can help greatly well when driving.

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