The most common misconceptions in windshield care

windshield care should be constant

windshield care should be constant

Windshield care is usually not on the priority list of a vehicle owner until it gets damaged, broken, repaired, or replaced. Unless it is dirty and blurry, most busy car owners would rather just spritz on wiper fluid and clean the windscreen through that.

But that type of cleaning and clearing in itself is a huge mistake. It can scratch the windshield because some small debris and build-up could get moved around and scratch the auto glass. The best thing to do in this case is to religiously spot clean the windshield each time there is debris, dust, or mud that clung to it. Getting it out before it gets stuck can help prevent scratches. Now, when there is enough time, the vehicle owner can then fully clean up the car including the windshield.  Sd Auto Glass Homepage

Parking under intense heat

Parking the car under the intense heat of the sun, for extended hours could harm the windshield. It can even cause cracking, especially when the auto glass gets accidentally doused with cold water, or if the car air conditioning is suddenly placed on full blast. About us

Parking the car mindlessly

Just like parking the car under intense heat, mindlessly parking a car next to a ballpark, under a tree, or in an area where snow will pile up is like begging for a windshield problem. It is best to think twice about the parking location before leaving the vehicle there. This is especially true if the vehicle will be left there for more than two hours or so since a lot could happen during the period. El Cajon Office

Similarly, parking in dark alleys where thieves can break into the car, through the auto glass is also something that car owners should be mindful of.

Forgetting to change the windshield wiper blades regularly

Windshield wiper blades, no matter how normal they appear, could cause scratches in the windshield especially if they are already too brittle. Sometimes vehicle owners overlook replacement to the detriment of the auto glass. A worn-out windshield wiper can cause deep scratches. It is important to replace it regularly.

 Using inappropriate cleaning tools

Abrasive cloth and cleaning tools can cause windshield scratches. Vehicle owners should just clean the windshield using a soft, clean cloth to avoid damage to the windscreen. Cleanliness of the cloth is important too because an unclean cloth could damage the windshield too as the debris could graze the windshield’s surface.