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Vintage car

Pure gorgeous. (Photo Credits)

Vintage Cars have a way of striking a happy chord on any car enthusiast’s heart. And why not? The effort to restore a rather old vehicle into its old glory is challenging enough to make a car aficionado appreciate the beauty that is all vintage.

And what better way to appreciate a vintage car than travel with it for a journey around the world? The Plaid Zebra featured a couple who have built a family around traveling on their 87 Year old automobile that doubled as their home since the year 2000!

“n 2000, Herman and Candelaria Zapp set out on a 16-month trip from their home in Argentina to backpack around Alaska. But that trip has turned into a round-the-world saga spanning 15 years that would leave the most hardened vagabond green with envy. The couple left their comfortable life in Buenos Aires behind, and became adventurers extraordinaire. And their mode of transportation has been as unconventional as their lifestyle is enviable—a 1928 Graham-Paige Model 610. The 87-year-old vintage car, with a top speed of 35 miles per hour, looks like it came straight out of a 1930s Hollywood gangster movie, and it doubles as a home for Herman, Candelaria, and their four children.”

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Car Restoration Extraordinaire

The verge meantime gave Nissan Aficionados a moment to drool over their restored GTR that they displayed in a car show.

“The GT-R was born from the Skyline brand, so it’s a fitting homage to the car’s heritage. And the collection here mostly runs the gamut. The most striking is probably the oldest one: the GT-R 1969 C10 Skyline, which was the first Skyline generation to parade around in Nissan branding. (Skylines started up as a part of the Prince Motor Company, which merged with Nissan in the 1960s.)”

See the photos here.

Related Mobile Windshield Repair Services meantime gave off some funny vibes as it published funny vintage car photos in one of its blogposts.

“f nothing else, the 1960s were tumultuous, elastic, and nowhere was the change more evident than at the dragstrip, an apartheid-free territory in a nation that clung to segregation like grim death. Though raised in North Carolina, the late Malcolm Durham settled in Hyattsville, Maryland. An erudite, intuitive, strong-willed Malcolm had a stellar work ethic and knew he could capitalize on the color of his skin. Before he wrenched on his race motors, he’d wrenched on countless tractor engines of his youth. He tuned. He drove. He was unique in that small cosmos.”

Take a look at the photos here.

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