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How to unfreeze windshield wiper blades

Safe way to unfreeze wipers Safely unfreezing wipers can help avoid windshield wiper issues. (Photo Credits) Everything gets frozen buy the winter. The snow season can easily freeze anything outdoors, including cars especially its contraptions. Like the windshield wipers. But is there ever a safe way to unfreeze windshield wipers? Automotive website ItStillRuns.com mentioned several tips on safely unfreezing windshield

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How to clean up a flooded car

Sanitize and disinfect A flooded car needs to be fully sanitized and disinfected after being thoroughly dried out. (Photo Credits) Flood waters can be very unsanitary and can contains elements that pose risks to the health, and to the car itself. It is important that the car be appropriately treated and dried out after being submerged to flooding. CNN.com summed

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