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How to get rid of minor car scratches

  Smooth and shiny once again Car scratches, although minor, can be unsightly. (Photo Credits) For most car owners, minor scratches can make their car look unkempt. And this is why most people buy products or avail services to make their cars spotless once again. The website Your Mechanic shared several ways to get those little scratches out of the

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Dealing with Car Rust

All about vehicle body rust Does car rust mean it is game over? (Photo Credits) Car rust is definitely unsightly. It also affect the auto body as it corrodes a part of it. Unfortunately, it happens to some vehicles due to damage, wear and tear, or even the environment or surroundings of the vehicle. Popular Mechanics came up with a

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Car Maintenance Checklist

Guide to periodic vehicle maintenance checks What to expect in maintenance checks. (Photo Credits) Periodic Vehicle maintenance checks are important when it comes to ensuring the top condition of a vehicle. It also ensures the safety of its driver and his passengers. This is because it sees possible issues even before it becomes a safety issue. For new car owners,

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