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How to avoid windshield scratches

Windshield eyesore Windshield scratches can be avoided by carefully and mindfully using the vehicle. (Photo Credits) For some car enthusiasts it is easier to restore a scratched body pain than a scratch on the windshield. After all glass is a fragile material to experiment with. Moreover paint scratches will not affect the driver’s driving, while windshield scratches that end up

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Vehicle Checklist before going on a Road Trip

Stay Safe on the Road Here are some things to check prior to hitting the road, for a lengthy road trip. (Photo Credits) Going on a road trip is definitely exciting, it however has to come with preparations and a bit of leg work for the whole trip to be totally enjoyable. Inconveniences such as a car breaking down among

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How to unfreeze windshield wiper blades

Safe way to unfreeze wipers Safely unfreezing wipers can help avoid windshield wiper issues. (Photo Credits) Everything gets frozen buy the winter. The snow season can easily freeze anything outdoors, including cars especially its contraptions. Like the windshield wipers. But is there ever a safe way to unfreeze windshield wipers? Automotive website ItStillRuns.com mentioned several tips on safely unfreezing windshield

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Car Door Problems

Vehicle door issues What to do when car doors are problematic? (Photo Credits) Car door problems can be annoying especially when one is in a rush to leave the car safely. It can also pose a safety risk as it can possibly swing open while the car is moving. It is best to address car door issues as soon as

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