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Keeping a Spotless Windshield

Eradicating Hard water Spots Hard water spots can be tough to remove. (Photo Credits) Hard water spots in the windshield can happen even to the most meticulous of car owners. For those who may not be able to prevent it, there are different ways to remove such unsightly spots in the window, windshield, and even in the side mirrors of

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Great Pick-up Trucks

Advantages of Driving a Truck https://www.flickr.com/photos/chiropractic/8863254856/ Pick-up trucks are great to drive in terms of safety, stability and usage. (Photo Credits) Pick-up trucks are really useful and beneficial. It is not just the stability and size, but also the safety it provides for its passengers. More and more pick-ups are being launched today, and one pick up truck caught the

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Bullet Proof Vehicles

Ensuring Safety and Security Bullet proof transport. (Photo Credits) For VIPs, having a bullet proof car could be one of their security must-haves. That is the reason why some car manufacturers have decided to come up with ready-made bullet-proof vehicles, shared by the website The Quint. “The car is powered by a massive W12 engine that weighs almost 4 tons.

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