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Most Common Sunroof Issues

Sunroof problems Car owners can also encounter problems with their sun roof. (Photo Credits) Vehicle sun roofs can be a nice feature in any car. It lets daylight in, affords a good view of the sky, and let’s more air in without frazzling the driver and his passenger’s air too much. It also allows any passenger to get a good

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Safety Tips on driving during strong winds

Windy day driving Dealing with strong winds while driving. (Photo Credits) Driving through strong winds could be unavoidable at times, especially if the weather disturbance was unforeseen by the driver. But how should a driver safely drive through high winds? DefensiveDriving.com says side winds are the hardest to deal with, and so drivers should e even more careful. Such was

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Recycling Cars to help Save the Environment

When Cars are Recycled Cars should be recycled once out of commission. (Photo Credits) Scrap or junk cars are a threat to the environment given its chemical waste, as well as the community hazard that it presents. More and more junk car recycling centers have been put up and it is for a good reason. Whatever can be salvaged out

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What to do with malfunctioning wipers

Troubleshooting Windshield Wipers Fixing broken wipers. (Photo Credits) When wipers do not work in the middle of a rainy day, one can be sure that the driver will be in for a stressful drive. It is then very important that a driver have a know-how on troubleshooting non-functioning wiper blades, especially in the middle of a heavy rains. The website

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