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How to deal with scratches on the windshield

Windshield scratches are unsightly. They could ruin the overall look of an otherwise sleek and clean-looking car. Fortunately, windshield repair technicians can now easily remove deep scratches that damage windscreens. However, it is entirely up to the vehicle owner to decide when to have it repaired. The problem with scratches on the windshield is that they can obscure the vision

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Why Windshield Wipers Should be Replaced Regularly

Wiper Maintenance Wipers need to be replaced on a regular basis. (Photo Credits) While some vehicle owners wait for their windshield wiper to function less efficiently before finally replacing them, auto glass experts advise that car owners should instead follow the recommended guidelines in replacing windshield wipers. This is the same thing recommended in one of the web posts of

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Safety Tips on driving during strong winds

Windy day driving Dealing with strong winds while driving. (Photo Credits) Driving through strong winds could be unavoidable at times, especially if the weather disturbance was unforeseen by the driver. But how should a driver safely drive through high winds? DefensiveDriving.com says side winds are the hardest to deal with, and so drivers should e even more careful. Such was

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Tire Maintenance 101

How much maintenance do tires require? Car tires should be maintained regularly for safety purposes. (Photo Credits) Vehicle tires should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the driver and its passengers. It should be checked, maintained and repaired as needed to avoid possible accidents that may arise from tire problems. Kelley Buick GMC came up

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