Car Maintenance during the Summer

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Cars need care too especially during the heat of the summer months. (Photo Credits)

Cars can sustain a lot of damage during the summer months. Yes, the winter may bring safety hazards and car problems, but the summer months pose a different car maintenance challenge for vehicle owners.

The website Drive Spark shared some tips on dealing with the hot summer heat, while keeping the vehicle in top condition.

“Paint The paint job on your car may look great under the sun, but what is actually happening is that the sun is slowly eating away that shine. Cars left under the bright sun will slowly lose the shine, leading to faded, dull patches. Always remember to park your car in the shade.”

Drive Spark also cautioned drivers that even the car’s interior is at risk during extremely sunny conditions. Read the rest of their tips here.

Simple tips

Auto Trader also gave its readers easy-to-follow tips that will help maintain a car’s good running condition and aesthetics during the summer months. In their blog post, they said that just remembering to put a dashboard sun shade in the car when it is parked under the heat of the sun, can help a lot in minimizing damage to its interiors. They also highlighted that regularly cleaning the car helps a lot as well.

“Those long, balmy evenings when the sun is a huge, orange orb hanging low in a pinky-blue sky sound blissful. But they can also be a hazard, especially when your car’s windshield is dirty. Even from the inside, that haze will diffuse the light and make things hard to see. That grime has a tendency to build up over a long period, so we don’t really notice it. Things look much sharper after your car has had a good wash, though. Keeping the exterior clean also protects the paintwork from the sun’s rays, as well as any damage caused by birds and insects. Finish off the cleaning with a good-quality wax. Car care makes financial sense in the long run.”

The rest of their advice can be found here.

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The Automotive Training Center also shared an unlikely tip, which is to maintain the good working condition of the car’s windshield wipers. They posted this bit of advice as they shared summer care tips in their official website.

“Replace Your Windshield Wipers — Summer thunderstorms are known for their monsoon-equivalent rain-dumping nature. Spring is the logical time to switch out your wiper blades for a new set, especially if the same pair has already served as your winter wipers as well. And don’t forget to keep your washer fluid full throughout the season!”

Check out the continuation of the original article here.

Summer months also require careful maintenance to keep vehicles in good running condition.

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