Safe Driving Tips


Driving safely is key to an enjoyable vacation. (Photo Credits)

Drivers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as they are in charge of the safety of the whole family during road trips. It is then very critical for every car owner to observe holiday safe driving tips to ensure that the driver and all of his passengers will arrive safely in their destination.

EHS Today collated safe driving advice in view of the holiday season and posted it as an article in their official website. Preparing the vehicle for what is up ahead is one of the safety measures that the EHS is advocating in their write-up.

“Holiday travelers and employers whose employees drive in areas that experience cold and inclement weather should consider equipping each vehicle with a winter storm kit that includes blankets, a flashlight, cell phone with charger and extra batteries, a shovel, first-aid kit, non-perishable food, extra warm clothes and a water container. Hypothermia is a potentially dangerous exposure during extremely cold winter months. People can suffer from hypothermia when they lose body temperature in cold weather as a result of exposure.”

Read the whole article here.

Safety Checklist

Australia’s Transport Accident Commission meantime published a safety checklist meant for holiday drivers.

“Have your car serviced and given a proper safety check up. Map out your trip – make sure you allow plenty of time to get to your destination, including rest stops. Take regular breaks (at least one every two hours) and pull over for a power nap as soon you feel tired or fatigued. Share the driving if possible. Never drink alcohol, not even small amounts, before or during a long trip. Have a few good nights’ sleep before heading off.”

Print out the continuation of the checklist here.

You may also want to read: also published a list of safe driving tips to observe by families who will be having holiday road trips. One of the tips is to avoid speed traps.

“Just because Santa can break speed records as he rounds the globe in one night, that doesn’t mean you should attempt the same. The holiday season is prime time for highway patrols to set up speed traps as they look to slow down frantic shoppers and holiday road trippers. It’s best to follow the posted speed limit to not only ensure your safety, but also the safety of those around you – especially when you factor in icy and less than ideal road conditions.”

Bookmark the rest of the safety guidelines here.

Ensuring safe driving during the holiday season, will make the holidays more enjoyable and memorable.

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