The Harmful Effects of Snow on Car Glass

Snow covered Car

Defrost as soon as you can. (Photo Credits) 

Snow and Car Windshields and Windows definitely do not mix.

It is more than a hassle, it is an accident waiting to happen.

Manchester Evening News shared that in the United Kingdom, authorities keep on reminding motorists that car windows and windscreens should be free from snow whenever they would hit the roads.

“Police urged drivers to take extra care after a fresh snow warning was issued for Greater Manchester. Traffic officers asked commuters to defrost windows fully before setting off and be vigilant in the icy conditions.”

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Ways to remove ice

The Car Wash.Com shared ways on how to remove snow from the windshield. Cleaning up the glass.

We do not recommend hot water as this can lead to potential cracking or damage of the windows.  I usually use a bowl of water and just slowly pour on top of the windshield and the ice will usually instantly melt away.  Additionally, you can put water into a spray bottle and spray the ice away though I find this method to be more time consuming and tedious than just pouring water from a bowl.”

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Accidents happen though, even if a car’s windshield has been cleared off snow and ice. Media outfit shared that a windshield of a car had been broken by an accidental drop of ice being cleared off. Car window needs

CBS 6 Sports Director Lane Casadonte was traveling down Interstate 295 in Hanover during a recent snow storm. Just as he crossed under Route 301 a VDOT plow was pushing snow on the route. ‘I’m under the bridge and a snow plow comes over top on 301 and whatever it was plowing went over the side and fell down onto my car,’
he said. ‘It shattered the windshield in the top left and corner.’ He pulled over to make sure nothing else was wrong with the car. Next, he filed a claim with VDOT for the damage to his car.”

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How do you remove snow from your windshield?