What could smash into your windshield

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What if it happens to you? (Photo Credits) 

You will know that it is not an ordinary diving day when something or someone hits your windshield.

This lady for instance found a venomous snake on her windshield while driving on a highway, as featured in Australian media outfit ABC.

A Sunshine Coast motorist has revealed how she “screamed” and swerved after a red-bellied black snake appeared on her windscreen as she drove along the Bruce Highway. Sunshine Coast snake catcher Richie Gilbert, who was called out to find and rescue the snake, filmed the experience and shared it on his Facebook page. It has since gone viral with hundreds of shares and comments.”

Watch the video here.

No to windshield washers

Still in Australia, authorities there are taking a harder stance against windshield washers as reported by the media outfit Western Australia.

Police are taking a harder line on windscreen washers in the Belmont area following the arrest of four men at the weekend. On Saturday officers from Belmont attended the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Great Eastern Highway in Ascot after a report of a verbal altercation between a female driver and some windscreen washers. As a result four men were charged with soliciting contributions, employment or a ride from a carriageway or median strip and two of those men were also charged with disorderly conduct.”

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In Singapore, a man jumped into the windshield of the car of a friend who owed money from him. Straitstimes.com says the photo of the incident as the car owner drove the car to the police station has gone viral.

“A man who drove to a police post with a friend he owed money to clinging to his windscreen was fined $2,000 and banned from the road for nine months on Thursday. Mr Haresh Govindaraju, 46, and two other friends went to see Murali Krishnan Naidu, 44, at his King Albert Park condo to discuss some money he owed them. While waiting outside they saw Naidu drive in with his wife and teenage son and ran towards his car but he drove away to avoid confrontation.”

Look at the photo here.

Have you ever had a similar experience while driving?