Living on a Bus

they're home!

Transforming a school bus into a charming tiny abode. (Photo Credits)

Living on wheels is slowly becoming a trend with adventurous individuals, couples, and families trying to start a new type of lifestyle. Among the vehicles usually transformed into becoming a mobile or tiny home are buses – particularly those big, yellow school buses.

Off Grid Quest featured a father and son tandem that magically transformed a school bus into a solar-powered tiny home.

“Patrick Schmidt saw freedom in an old school bus. With the help of his father, the Californian bought an old school bus, and transformed it into a tiny dream home on wheels. Complete with bedroom, living area, working kitchen and bathroom, the bus, now called Skoolielove, is home to Schmidt’s cross country adventure. The 1990 International School Bus has now traveled across 30 states, clocking in over 10,000 miles of tiny home travels.”

Check out the tiny home here.

Minimalist Lifestyle

The website Providr meantime shared a video of another couple who opted for the minimalist way of life through living in a school bus converted into a home.

“While some couples are looking to settle down and buy their first place together, this bohemian couple has decided to create a home that wouldn’t tie them down. Converting a 1993 Ford School Bus into a mobile living space, this house on wheels is a must see! The couple has started a YouTube channel ‘On the Road: The REAL American Dream – is alive’ in hopes to inspire more people to consider bus conversions into livable RVs. In this video, the couple gives a tour of their unique living space.”

Watch the video here.

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The website Little Things meantime featured yet another couple who made a school bus to home transformation even more dainty and quaint.

“School buses are popular choices among intrepid DIY-ers who are looking to create small, efficient, and often mobile homes, like the couple who converted a bus into a Bohemian-chic, mobile oasis. The Thompsons, though, weren’t looking to move — just to have a home that was both manageable and truly reflective of who they were. They converted the 1989 bus into a fully furnished and beautifully decorated home using mostly recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as items picked up from antique and thrift stores. Read on to see how their bus turned out!            “

Take a look at the lovely mini home here.

School buses are indeed becoming a popular choice for mobile home transformations.

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