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Dealing with strong winds while driving. (Photo Credits)

Driving through strong winds could be unavoidable at times, especially if the weather disturbance was unforeseen by the driver. But how should a driver safely drive through high winds? says side winds are the hardest to deal with, and so drivers should e even more careful. Such was discussed in one of their blog entries on driving in their official website.

Side winds tends to be the scariest as a driver, because if they are strong enough they can blow you off course. If you feel the side wind changing the direction of your vehicle, gently steer in the opposite direction to bring yourself back. Do not panic or turn your wheel quickly or suddenly, make only smooth and gentle movements.”

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Five things to Remember

The Texas Department of Insurance also gave drivers pointers on dealing with strong winds while driving. They emphasized outmost care, not driving too close to other vehicles, and to firmly be in control of the vehicle.

“Be aware of high-profile vehicles — High-sided, narrow vehicles, such as large trucks, vans, buses, and those towing cargo, are more vulnerable to losing control or tipping over in high winds. In windy weather, high-profile vehicles can also create turbulence for motorcycles and other small vehicles. Drivers should pay extra attention to the road and anticipate gusts in windy conditions.”

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Sunday Times Driving meanwhile reminded vehicle owners to carefully plan their routes, as some narrow roads they may go through may have already been blocked by fallen trees. I n their article, they also emphasized driving cautiously as key to stay safe during high winds.

“Be aware of other motorists around you as the windy weather can affect both their and your vehicles. Strong winds are not constant but usually come in gusts blowing motorcycles, lorries and buses from side to side. If you’re driving on the motorway, keep an eye on other vehicles making sure you hold firmly onto your steering wheel to stay in control. Be aware that as you come out from overtaking a lorry, there may be a strong side wind you were being sheltered from.”

Take a look at the original article here.

Driving in strong winds can be challenging, and at the same time can be a huge safety hazard, Knowledge of safe driving techniques can help a lot in ensuring safety of the driver and his passengers.

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