Blinds Versus Curtains


What to consider when choosing RV Window Covers. (Photo Credits)

Choosing a window cover for an RV can be an important detail that should just not be left out to chance.

The blog RV Share gave some tips on how to choose the right covers for an RV window.

“whether you seek respite from the scorching sun or value your privacy, RV window covers may be a worthwhile investment to add onto your home-away-from-home. There’s no shortage of available options for RV owners looking for coverings to protect themselves and their vehicles from the harsh UV rays streaming through the windshield.”

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All about the Windows

Tumble Weed Houses meantime shared some window considerations meant for RVs.

“The type of windows you choose is completely dependent on your preference and budget. Most Tiny House RV owners like to be consistent with their window functionality placement. For example, you might choose awning windows for you loft and casement windows for your bay windows.”

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RV Life for its part recommended an easy clean solution for RV window blinds.

“It’s no secret that blinds gather dust, dirt, and almost anything else in a camping environment. That’s why the company offers its Spray N’ Brush for its blinds, which consists of an advanced formula that helps break the chemical bond between soil and fabrics. A built-in brush is featured to remove those tougher stains.”

Check out their recommended solution here.

So what type of cover would you prefer?