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California Road Trip

Here are some things to check prior to hitting the road, for a lengthy road trip. (Photo Credits)

Going on a road trip is definitely exciting, it however has to come with preparations and a bit of leg work for the whole trip to be totally enjoyable. Inconveniences such as a car breaking down among other hassles can affect the whole journey. The good news though is that these can be avoided with careful maintenance, and checking prior to hitting the road.

Popular Mechanics has shared some tips for road trippers who are about to take a long journey. One of the things they advised is to check the tire inflation.

“Every road tripper wants to get the best fuel efficiency, and underinflated tires are guaranteed to waste gas. Conversely, overinflated tires make ride quality worse because they’re less compliant. Incorrect air pressure also causes tires to wear unevenly and need replacement sooner. Be checking tire pressure every 1,000 miles, so depending on the length of your trip, that could be a few times.”

Check out the rest of the guide here.

Simple checklist meanwhile came up with a short and simple list of details to check prior to driving for the road trip. Apart from their safety checklist, their post also came with items for final checking, and what to bring in case of an emergency.

“You can tackle each of these quickly before you hit the road: (1) Change oil and filter; (2)    Begin your trip with a clean car, both inside and out. It will help you find your map when you need it, etc. (3) Try not to put luggage over the car. It creates air friction and slows you down – bringing more gas. If it is unavoidable, cover with strong sheet and tie them very well. (4)    Keep a small garbage bag inside the car. (5) Change air filter.”

The rest of the list can be found in the original article here.

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Carfax Canada also came up with their own reminders for car owners who are about to hit the road for a long drive. In their blogpost, they mentioned several tips that should be observed by drivers before going on a road trip.

“Prep your windshield: Have a look around the front and rear of the car. Are your headlights, blinkers, brake lights, hazard lights and reverse lights all in working order? Are any of the lights cracked or burnt out? Test out the lights: Have a list of all the features that the vehicle is equipped with. Writing them down ahead of time will prevent you from forgetting anything when you’re put on the spot.”

Take a look at the whole list here.

Ensuring that the car is in good running condition, documents are all in order, and that adequate safety and emergency kits have been prepared definitely make for a road trip to remember.

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