Keeping windshields and side mirrors fog free

Foggy Sunrise in the Side View Mirror

Foggy windscreens and foggy mirror can be safety hazards. (Photo Credits)

The problem with windshields and unheated side mirrors is that it can get foggy at a time when you need to use it the most. This presents a safety risk, especially when driving through bad weather conditions. It is important that vehicle owners and drivers be made aware of the measures that can be undertaken to keep windshields and side mirrors fog free.

Australian Website Cars Guide says the solution lies in turning off the air condition for a short time, just to lkevel the warm and cool air inside the vehicle.

“If you have air-conditioning in your car the best and fastest solution is to turn it on and set it to the car demister outlets. Air-conditioners cool your car on a hot day by removing water vapour from the air inside the car, which reduces the temperature of the air. So operating your air-conditioner will immediately start removing water vapour from your car on a cold morning too, so that your warm, moist breath will disperse into the air inside the car rather than condensing on the windscreen.”

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More tips meanwhile explained about the most optimal car temperature to ensure fog-free windscreens and vehicle mirrors.

“If fog does appear on your windshield use the defrost/defogger option but make sure the recycled air button is NOT on. Recycling the air in the car will not let the moisture out as fast as letting in air from the outside of the car. You could also have your car cabins air filter clogged, damp, or moldy. A clogged car cabin air filter will restrict the airflow when you are trying to defog your windscreen or windshield. Be sure to replace your cars cabin air filter according to driving habits and conditions. Replacing your cars cabin air filter will also reduce any bad smells in your car.”

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Axle Addict for its part tried to fully explain the reasons why windscreens and mirrors keep on fogging up.

“If your floors are wet in the vehicle, and there is no good explanation for it—like if you left your window open in a rain storm—you may have a water leak in your vehicle. It’s not uncommon to have water leaks and even new vehicles could leak water into the cabin through a split seam, or a seam that was not sealed properly from the factory. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. (2) If you have had your windshield replaced recently, it may not be sealed properly. This is very common, especially if the person who replaced it did the job in 15 minutes. A good technician will take anywhere from one to two hours to replace a windshield properly.”

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Foggy car windows should indeed be avoided to prevent accidents.

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