The benefits of regularly replacing windshield wipers


Replace them to ensure driving safety during rainy and snowy weather. (Photo Credits)

Replacing windshield wipers is something that should be done on a regular basis. This holds true regardless of the season of the year, or the climate in a community. Even without constant rains or snowfalls, windshield wipers sustain regular wear and tear because of the heat of the sun, among other elements in the environment.

Media outfit WKYC shared the different types of wider blades available in the market.

“The oldest type of windshield wiper frame often allows you to keep the frame and replace only the squeegee blade itself, which is the cheapest option. It does a good job in most conditions, but if you live in a snowy region, this claw structure can collect ice, which prevents it from forming to the windshield, leaving segments unwiped. A simple alternative is a snow wiper designed especially for winter; it has this rubber sheath on it to prevent ice buildup. Third is the beam style wiper blade, which is becoming very common on new cars. It’s lower-profile than the others, it’s better looking, it’s less prone to letting ice build up.”

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When to replace windscreen wiper blades

The Journal shared a rule of thumb in replacing windscreen wipers.

“IT IS RECOMMENDED that you replace your wiper blades every six months to a year. However, they should be replaced once the blades start squeaking, streaking or scratching or if the rubber feels dry, hard or cracked.”

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Top Gear Philippines meantime gave its readers a tip when buying windshield wiper replacements.

“It is best to bring the old blade assembly with you while buying, so you can be sure the new frames have the correct adapter. There are several different kinds of hook and bayonet-type adapters, and while some replacement blades come with multiple adapters, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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Replace wiper blades even before they fully degrade and become unusable just when it is badly needed.

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