Allergens and molds


Molds and allergens can lurk in the car too, so it is best to keep it clean all the time. (Photo Credits)

Molds and other allergens can find their way into the interiors of a car. Auto glass leaks, heavy rains that have brought in rain water, humidity and moisture, or worse flooding can invite the moisture molds and other allergens need to thrive.

It is important that a vehicle owner address this matter before it compromises his health, and damages his car. Autoblog says one of the initial steps to removing mold from the car is airing it, ventilating, and getting it under the sun. In its blog post guiding car owners on mold removal, it warned about the possible dangers of inhaling certain types of mold spores.

“First, fill that spray bottle with vinegar. When your goal is to kill mold, you don’t need to dilute the vinegar. Test the vinegar on an out-of-sight portion of the fabric, just to make sure nothing reacts badly. If it passes the spray-test, spray the moldy area with your vinegar. Don’t be afraid to really saturate this visibly contaminated area. Continue spraying the white vinegar until you cover about a foot outside the visible mold section.”

The continuation of the mold removal procedure from car seats can be found in their original article published here.

Carpets and Car Seats

The website also ran a feature on removing car molds. Their article specifically tackled how to remove molds from auto carpets, and seats. There they mentioned the white vinegar approach, and gave some step-by-step mold removal instructions.

“Removing mold from automotive carpet is a bit more difficult, but you can still use vinegar to kill it. Also, Borax is a natural mold killer that you can use to clean carpets and hard surfaces of your vehicles interior.I would suggest using a wet vac both before and after the vinegar to ensure that you pick up any mold spores from inside the carpet. Once you’ve used the wet vac to pick up any left over vinegar and mold, be sure to properly clean the vacuum to ensure you do not spread the mold that you’ve picked up. If your vacuum has a bag, dispose of the bag right away.”

The rest of the instructions can be found here.

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Cleaning website meantime shared tips on how to thoroughly clean cars from molds, and remove its unpleasant odor. In their web post, they emphasized that it is best to wash and remove molds from the car during a hot and sunny day to avoid excess moisture getting into the vehicle.

“Steps to Remove the Smell: Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over the entire carpeted area of the car. If you suspect the smell is coming from the seats, treat those as well. Allow the baking soda to sit for several hours. Vacuum the baking soda up. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary. It may take a few applications, depending on how bad the odor is.”

The rest of the steps can be found here.

Removing molds from the car is possible, but if it is widespread, it is best so seek professional mold removal services.