Removing molds in the car seats and car interior

How to get rid of the molds

Car interior

Molds can cause unpleasant odor, and can trigger health issues, especially for those with allergies or are sensitive. (Photo Credits) 

Funky or unpleasant odors in the car can mean a lot of things. Like there was food that has been accidentally left and has not been retrieved, or there are pet odors that have stuck into the interior, or it could be something else like molds.

Auto Guide says if a car owner is certain that there is molds in his car seat, upholstery or interior then it should be dealth with accordingly, at the soonest possible time.

“Mold can be nasty stuff, especially the dangerous Stachybotrys chartarum and chlorohalonata species, also known as black mold. Black mold is toxic and has a large list of ugly health symptoms it can cause, too, including fatigue and weakness, headaches, poor memory, shortness of breath, abdominal pain and bloating, and can even cause some dangerous allergic reactions. In the worst case scenario, mold can even kill you, so if you have it growing on your car seats and interior, you need to deal with it immediately.”

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Removing the musty odor

Get Green Be Well came up with advice on how to deal with molds in the car. It emphasized that the initial step to eliminate it is to get rid of moisture inside the vehicle.

“First, you need to stop the accumulation of moisture and get rid of dampness. Remove anything that might be wet or damp, including floor mats, sports equipment in the trunk, car seat carriers and base, pillows, etc. Dry the visible moisture off of these items, if any. Then place the items in the hot sun to dry out completely.”

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Related mobile windshield repair and replacement services: also published a short yet comprehensive guide in dealing with molds in a car’s interior surfaces.

“The white vinegar will clean up vinyl or leather car interiors much better than cloth, but it will still work on cloth. Removing mold from automotive carpet is a bit more difficult, but you can still use vinegar to kill it. Also, Borax is a natural mold killer that you can use to clean carpets and hard surfaces of your vehicles interior. I would suggest using a wet vac both before and after the vinegar to ensure that you pick up any mold spores from inside the carpet. Once you’ve used the wet vac to pick up any left over vinegar and mold, be sure to properly clean the vacuum to ensure you do not spread the mold that you’ve picked up. If your vacuum has a bag, dispose of the bag right away.”

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Mold issues inside the vehicle should never be shrugged off. It has to be dealt with immediately to avoid health issues in the long run.

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