Pesky Bed Bugs that Invade Vehicles


Can bed bugs invade cars too? (Photo Credits)

Bed bugs are not just limited to infesting beds.

It can even be in any upholstered surface, and that includes a vehicle interior.

The website The Alternative Daily shared to its readers Tell-Tale signs of a bed bug infestation in a car.

“Before you break out the cleaning supplies, make sure your car actually has bed bugs. For a thorough inspection, clean any clutter out of your car first. Recycle the trash, and wash any clothes and coats that are inside. Now see if you can find any brown or burnt-orange spots, smears of blood or any sign of the small, brown bugs themselves. These are the most common signs of bed bugs. Be sure to check your console, seat corners and floors, along with your glove box, since bed bugs like to hide in cracks and folds.”

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Bed Bugs and Rental Cars

The website The Drive meanwhile gave its readers some tips on what to do should they unknowingly rented out a car that is bedbug-infested.

“If the worst happens and you wind up in a car with bed bugs, park that sucker somewhere hot, roll the windows up, and cook ‘em. Temperatures from 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bed bugs; a parked car can reach those temperatures in half an hour on an 85 degree day.”

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A different type of bug that has invaded homes and vehicles have meantime bee featured by the CTV News.

“On the road, they rained onto car windshields. They flew by the thousands toward even the smallest sources of light, and crept along windows and kitchen tables. Such has been the skin-crawling reality for the past two months in the high-desert communities at the foot of the Sierra Nevada’s eastern slopes, where residents have seen an explosion of the black-and-red seed bug species Melacoryphus lateralis”

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