Sticky stickers

Clio Club Decal

Removing stickers or decals from the windshield can be tough and challenging. There are those which seem as if they were stuck using a super adhesive that is just so difficult to remove. There are others of course that easily gives in.

So what can be done to those stubborn autoglass decals that cannot be removed easily, and leaves streaks? shared some tips to its readers. In their article they mentioned two main ways to get rid of stubborn sticky decals.

“Most adhesives on auto glass can be removed by rubbing them with an eraser (just a regular pencil-type eraser). This method works well especially on the adhesives that are a rubbery substance. For other types of adhesives, try using fingernail polish remover on a rag and rub until the residue comes off. Mineral spirits and paint thinner will also remove adhesives and should be used in the same way. You also can try pure white vinegar or ammonia on a cloth.”

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Keeping the windshield clean

Auto Magazine Top Gear meanwhile shared some tips on how to remove stickers from the windshield. In their write-up they gave step-by-step instructions on removing even the most stubborn stickers.

“Begin by cleaning the glass surrounding the sticker with glass cleaner and wipe to dry with a microfiber towel. This takes away dust or abrasive debris from the surface prior to removing. With your spatula or plastic card, scrape off the sticker starting at the edge until your create a flap big enough to grab with your fingers. Usually automotive stickers, especially your LTO stickers, are highly adhesive so take your time as you peel. It is best to get the whole thing off in one go than having it break off in pieces.”

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The website also has its share of tips to remove super sticky autoglass stickers. In their article they enumerated all the materials that may be needed in getting rid of the decals and keeping the windshield clean.

“Begin by working a corner of the decal loose with your fingernail or plastic scraper. Gently pull the decal off in a diagonal direction. Move slowly to remove as much as possible until the decal tears. You will be able to remove more of newer decals with this method. Once no more decal can be removed or if the decal is so old and stuck that the above steps haven’t worked, continue with an adhesive remover.”

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Removing stubborn autoglass stickers can be frustrating. It is important to be informed of the tools and materials that can be safely used to remove these.

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