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The problem with cigarette smoke is it can be pervasive. (Photo Credits)

Cigarette smoke odor inside a vehicle can be annoying, even nauseous for a non-smoker. And this is why most second hand dealers would price a car with cigarette smoke odor, slightly lower than a similar model that smells clean.

For car owners who will soon sell their cars and would like to remove this type of car odor in the in their vehicle, there are hacks that they can try to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Third Party service ratings website Angie’s List came up with a list of tips on how to eradicate the cigarette smoke odor pervading in a vehicle. The first tip they mentioned is to remove obvious roots of odor.

“Remove source of smoke smell from car — If cigarette ashes and butts litter your car, all the air freshener in the world won’t make a difference. Start by cleaning out ashtrays, cup holders and floors for a fresh-smelling interior.”

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Ways to get rid of the cigarette stink meanwhile shared some possible techniques to get rid of nasty cigarette stench in the interiors of a car. In their feature write-up they also mentioned about different solutions to cleanse the vehicle of that scent.

“The interior of a smokey vehicle is a chemically imbalanced environment and using white vinegar is a great way to initially absorb surface smoke smells and residue that left on the seats, dashboard and little nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.  Start by putting cups of fresh white vinegar in your cup holders and a bowl of it in one of the footwells. Make sure the windows are all sealed shut and leave your car in this state for a day or so.”

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The Globe and Mail meantime published an article on cigarette smoke odors in a vehicle. Apart from being stinky, the article discussed how driving a car with such stench can pose health hazards.

“There are potential toxins in the vehicle, built up over years, which can’t be removed easily, if at all. I wouldn’t take any chances with your precious cargo. Rather than purchase a minivan that spent a decade as a mobile smoking lounge, look for one with a clean history.”

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Tobacco odor in car is definitely unpleasant especially for non-smokers.

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