How to Remove Cement Splatters on the Car

Removing cement damage

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Can cement splatters permanently damage a car? (Photo Credits)

Cement splatter on a car exterior is not just unsightly, it can also cause damage to car paint. Cement or concrete can definitely be an eye sore and a pain to touch. Instead of having an otherwise smooth car, the exterior has some bumps that also affect the otherwise vibrant car paint.

The website says concrete could be difficult to remove and can be very damaging.

Concrete consists of several ingredients that on their own are very damaging to a paint finish: gravel or crushed stone, cement and sand. Once these ingredients are mixed with air and water they go through a chemical process known as “hydration.” The ingredients go from a liquid mass to a hardened mass. This is why the procedure to remove concrete must be a chemical one and not a mechanical one. Any attempt to remove the concrete mechanically will result in permanent damage to the paint film.”

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Ways to remove concrete stains

UK-Based Media, The Sunday Times has published in an article, ways to remove cement splatters on a car. In their article they mentioned that elbow grease is important in removing the concrete splatters.

It may be possible but it will require time and patience to do so without damaging the paintwork. You’re on the right lines with white vinegar, which should be mixed with an equal amount of water and put in a spray bottle for convenient application. However, simply spritzing the solution on and hoping for the best is not enough.”

The rest of the procedure can be found in the original article here.

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Homeguides SF Gate meanwhile shared some tips on how to remove cement splatters that on glass windows. In their article they mentioned two different procedures for wet concrete and those that have hardened already.

“Old or Hardened Concrete Splatter — Fill a spray bottle with water and mix about 2 to 3 drops of dish soap into it. Spray the window to help lubricate the glass and to prevent scratches. Continue spraying the soapy water on the window to keep it wet, and use a plastic putty knife to scrape the softened concrete from the window.”

The continuation can be found here.

Cement splatters are unsightly, but with patience and elbow grease, it can be removed.

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