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Car odors can be easy to get rid of, but there are stinks that are complex, here are some ways to deal with it for good. (Photo Credits)

A smelly car can be annoying, and can cause embarrassment for the car owner. Moreover it can even affect everyone’s enjoyment of the whole ride, including that of the driver himself. It is important that car owners know how to deal with foul odors lingering in their vehicles so that these stinky fumes will be gone for good.

The website summed up the common foul odors that may occur inside vehicles, and what vehicle owners can do about it. In their article they underscored that odors especially those that are gaseous, sweet, electrical or burning should be taken seriously.

“It’s normal to smell a little gasoline when a cold engine is first started because of incomplete combustion. If you smell gas fumes after the engine is warm, though, the gas cap could be loose or the evaporative emissions control system — which is supposed to contain fuel vapors and recycle them through the engine — could be leaking or clogged. Even worse, gas could be leaking from the tank or another part of the fuel system, such as the fuel line. Always investigate gas smells you discover when your car is parked before starting the car and potentially igniting the fuel.”

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Clean it up first

The website Your Mechanic meanwhile came up with an article on how to get rid of unpleasant car odors. The first step they mentioned is to detect where the smell is coming from and then work from there. Like the above-mentioned article, they also cautioned their readers to be mindful of odors that may indicate a mechanical or a serious vehicle problem.

“Cleaning your car will help eliminate outside odors even if you can’t identify them. If you’ve searched for the source of your odor, cleaned your car yourself, and still can’t identify the cause, have your car inspected by a professional. This process will likely remove the source of the odor, so you can enjoy the fresh smell of your car once again.”

The original article can be found here.

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Practical Motoring also came up with advice on dealing with car odors. In one of their write-ups they mentioned several ways to remove the stench, even the pervasive cigarette odor.

“Nothing will ruin your car’s resale quicker than smoking inside it, a non-smoker won’t want to go near it, no matter what it is. Smokers might not notice, but the smell gets into everything.
So, how do you get rid of stinky cigarette smoke from a car’s interior? The trick here is to plan to go to work on a nice, hot and windy day. Drop all the windows and let the car air out while you prepare a solution of 50:50 white vinegar and water… don’t use apple cider vinegar or anything other than white vinegar. Then, with your bucket of vinegar and water, dip a cloth in, wring it out and then wipe down every single surface of the car, including the dash and the seats. Let them dry and continue to air out.”

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Getting rid of car odors can be challenging. It can indicate a mechanical problem in some cases, in some instances it may call for professional care services.

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