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There are advantages and disadvantages in having leather car seats for the car. (Photo Credits)

More often than not, leather car seats look luxurious and classy, but it does come with a hefty price tag. Is it worth it to have leather car seats installed? Are there other disadvantages apart from it being costlier versus its fabric counterpart?

Thrillist.com came up with almost a dozen reasons why leather car seats is not a great idea. Apart from being too pricey, it mentioned in their write-up that leather car seats are high maintenance.

“The simple fact is that when you opt for leather seats, what you’re actually getting are seats with leather inserts. The backs of the seats, the sides, and sometimes even the headrests aren’t leather in most cars. Why do you think some companies offer “extended leather” options at a significantly higher cost? Leather maintenance is actually a lot of work. To properly take care of leather, you need to clean and condition your seats several times a year. Not just every so often.”

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Leather versus Cloth

Consumer Guide Automotive came up with a detailed comparison of leather versus cloth seats, for those who are undecided on the car seat cover to choose.

“Many car buyers consider leather seats to be nothing more than a pricey perk. But so much more goes into it. This article includes 12 rounds of decisions—a dozen factors you should consider when choosing between cloth and leather. They include everything from cold cash and hot buns to slippage, staining, stinking, and sneezing. Round 1: Price — Leather will always cost you more—it’s just a matter of how much more. That depends largely on the quality of the leather, which can range from “faux” to brushed to top-grain—or in some high-end vehicles, the luxuriously soft Nappa leather.”

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BMW Blog meantime discussed yet another debate that car owners may have in choosing car seat covers – do they choose leather car seats or leatherette?

“How many of you have been facing this decision: leather vs leatherette in your BMW.  I have always been debating between the two options, or most recently, cloth. Each time, I ended up choosing leatherette before leather due to several factors: cheaper, I was leasing the car for two or three years and last, my significant other, is against leather products.”

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Leather car seats can be nice to look at but it is costly and needs to be well maintained.

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