How to avoid Car Burglars


Protect your vehicle and avoid thieves. (Photo Credits) 

Car theft is rampant, and the best way for a vehicle owner to avoid being a victim is to keep informed and properly secure vehicles.

Media outfit KEYT published tips to avoid car burglars.

“Law enforcement officials say that finding unlocked cars is still the number one way thieves are getting in. Luckily, they say, this form of theft can be easily prevented.”

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Transform and Protect

A more elaborate way of keeping a vehicle from being targeted by thieves is to make it less attractive. shared a great way to put a vehicle below a burglar’s radar.

“What’s the best way to make your shiny new luxury van look like something even a thief wouldn’t touch? Cover it in rust, of course. Not really, obviously. UK based car-wrap company Clyde Wraps has created a custom wrap that makes a brand-new 2014 Volkswagen T5 Sportline look like a 1980s Chevy Astro, complete with the rust and damage you’d expect from a van that old.”

Check out the transformation photos here.

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Auto Selection Services also shared yet another drastic way to prevent vehicle theft.

“You heard correctly: a freezer, or an icebox, will prevent car theft these days. This isn’t a joke, nor is it a scam, but in this day and age of cyber-terrorism and identity theft, you’d be stunned to know that as we conveniently enjoy the keyless entry of automobiles, car thieves are aggressively getting keener and more cunning with how they can break into those vehicles and drive off.”

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How do you prevent your car from being targeted by thieves?