Remove the fog

Foggy H2Oi morning.

Fog in car windows and windshield scan be pesky when driving. (Photo Credits)

Foggy car windows and windshield can be very annoying especially when driving at night. But can this be avoided? What causes this?

Basically the cause is temperature inside and outside of the car. Foggy windows usually happen during the winter and can just become a pesky problem.

So how to deal with it? cays it is as easy as putting cat litter in a sock, and storing it in the car.

“You can use any brand of cat litter you’d like or any type of clothing item to contain the litter; we suggest using fabric because it will allow the litter to breathe and properly do its job. While you could you an old shirt or something of the like, socks are just extraordinarily convenient for this job because of their shape. Once your little litter bomb is created, feel free to put it anywhere in your car! It will do its job from just about anywhere. If you’re not going anywhere in the near future, try putting the parcel on your dash or on your car seat to give the litter the most exposure.”

Read the full explanation here.

More hacks meanwhile shared yet another hack in preventing car windshield fogging, The tip they gave can be very easy to try and follow, even for those who does not own a pet.

“Use the freshly cut side of the potato and wipe it back and forth on the window until the entire surface has been covered. There should not be any starch streaks left behind. If there are streaks, wipe them off thoroughly and try again, moving the potato across the glass faster.”

Read the complete procedure here.

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Cars Guide also proposed solutions to the window fogging problem.

“Turning the air-conditioner up high for a little while and directing it through the windscreen demister vents will also evaporate the water condensed on your windscreen. Many drivers, will press the ‘front demister’ button on their dashboard and then suddenly stab at the air-conditioning controls to turn off the rush of cold air they weren’t expecting. Do that and you’re actually working against yourself.”

The rest of the article can be found here.

There are many ways to demist a car. What is important is the car owner is familiar with these procedures.

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