Most common windshield problems

Windshield problems can occur on any vehicle. It is not something that a vehicle owner can avoid since half the time, the problem could be due to external causes. There are several common windshield problems though that beset car owners, and they should know how to deal with these issues as soon as they occur. About

Immediately remediating the matter could help avert bigger auto glass problems that are difficult and more complicated to repair, and at the same time more expensive to fix. In some cases, unaddressed windshield damage could, later on, cause windshield problems that would require replacement.

Windshield issues

Below are some of the most common windshield issues, how to prevent them, and what to do in case it occurs. Most windshield experts though would say that a windshield issue is best resolved right away since glass is volatile. Moreover, the resolution is best left to professionals who have the technical experience and necessary tools and equipment to carry out correct and safe repairs. Mobile Auto Glass Repair San Diego

Chip in the windshield

Windshield chips are fairly common since they can occur on any car. For instance, closely following another vehicle on a rough road could lead to windshield chips as pebbles tend to get hurled everywhere, including the windscreen. When this happens the car owner should immediately have it fixed, since deep chips tend to progress into cracks, some of which could become irreversible once left unaddressed for a long time. SD Auto Glass San Diego

Windshield crack

The windshield can carack for several reasons. These include the following:

  1. Extreme temperature. Parking the car under intense heat, and then suddenly cranking up the AC could cause the auto glass to crack. Since heat expands the windshield, and cold makes it shrink the sudden temperature change could leave a crack. The same could also happen when dousing cold water on an auto glass exposed to extreme heat, and vise versa.
  2. Winter cleaning. Dousing hot water on an icy windshield can cause the windscreen to crack if not break. car owners should be conscious about cleaning their windscreens during extreme weather conditions.
  3. Intermittent weather can cause cracks in the windshield. Hail storms, strong winds that could carry debris, as well as falling branches could all cause significant cracks in the windscreen.
  4. Impact or collision could cause damage to the windshield.


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