What to do when a live wire hits the car

Safety tips to avoid electrocution

Danger - Overhead live wires

Live wire hazard. (Photo Credits)

Live wire will always be a safety hazard, especially if it falls upon one’s vehicle. In such an incident, how should a motorist react? Are there special safety measures to undertake to ensure the safety of the driver and his passengers?

New Jersey Based website NJ.com published an informational article warning motorists against getting out of their vehicles in case live wire hits it. The author of the article interviewed the three biggest utility firms in the state, and their respective electrical safety experts shared their thoughts and safety tips.

If you’re driving during a storm and a live electrical wire falls onto your car, experts say you should stay inside until help arrives.  New Jersey’s three biggest utility companies all advise drivers and passengers to remain inside their vehicle if it comes into contact with wires, because — contrary to popular belief — tires are electrical conductors, not insulators.”

Check out the whole article here.

Stay inside the car

WikiHow also came up with a guide on dealing with power line falling into the vehicle they are driving. Like NJ.com they recommended that motorists stay inside their vehicle until help arrives.

“Having a power line fall on your car can be one of the scariest things you could ever face while driving. If an active power line falls onto your car, it can charge the car with electricity, meaning that you have to act with extreme caution to avoid getting electrocuted. If your car isn’t on fire, call 911 and stay put in your car, being careful not to touch the car’s frame. If your car is on fire, exit the car by jumping free of the vehicle without making contact with the metal inside of the car. Then, still holding your legs together, shuffle to safety with both of your feet together on the ground until you’re 50 feet from the car. If you come back to your parked car to see that a power line has fallen on it, call 911 and don’t approach it.”

Read the whole guide here.

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Australian website AusGrid meanwhile published a flier that aimed to guide motorists on how to react when power lines accidentally fall in their vehicles. Apart from mentioning that is best to stay inside the vehicle until competent help arrives, they also detailed how to escape if the vehicle catches fire.

“If escape from the vehicle is absolutely necessary, it’s critical that you jump clear ensuring that you don’t have contact with the vehicle and ground at the same time. When you jump, ensure that you land with your feet together and if required, take another one or two jumps with your feet still together, ensuring that you do not touch the vehicle, fall forward or backwards or allow your feet to step apart. You must jump/shuffle with your feet together until you are at least 8 metres clear of the vehicle, power lines or anything else in contact with them. Avoid being in line with the side of the tyres/rims as they may explode.”

Print out the manual here.

Staying informed as to how to deal with emergency situations helps prevent fatal accidents.

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