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Living in a van. (Photo Credits)

A nomadic lifestyle is very much possible nowadays when work can be done away from the office, salaries can be transmitted online, and vehicles can double up as micro mini homes.

Camper vans provided homes to individuals who have turned their backs to a mainstream lifestyle to enjoy the life of a wanderer.

The Guardian featured a writer who is traveling with her husband and a dog in a 22-foot RV.

“That first year in the RV was like a vacation. Both of us overworked and under-stimulated, we drove from San Diego to Alaska, across Canada, then back down the East coast. And for the next two years, we did our favorite parts all over again. These days we have slowed way down. Our senior dog, now 15, is showing her age and doesn’t travel as well as she used to. We are ageing too, favoring quiet campgrounds over urban convenience. We chug along with poor clearance in a never-ending pursuit of that perfect campsite no one has ever heard about.”

Read the whole article here.

Hello Camper Van Life

A British Couple Meantime told their story to the Daily Mail as they continue their life aboard a van that has been circling the globe for the past eight years.

“A British couple have braved howling wolves and clocked up more than 75,000 miles while traveling across the world in a tiny camper van. Adventurous Lauren Winslow-Llewellyn, 27, and Craig Hubbard, 33, both from Brighton, have been enjoying the holiday of a lifetime for the past eight years.”

Take a look at their pictures here.

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The common denominator of the above-mentioned camper van couples is that they both have no children. But how about families with children who are dreaming of a camper van life? has an answer to this.

“t won’t be a problem getting your kids to bed with this retro looking Camper Van Bunk Bed. Enough room for two, so when they have a friend sleeping over, you are all set. Handmade in England by a family firm, the Camper Van Bunk Bed features a sliding door, surfboard style ladder and incredibly accurate detail. This cool kids bed fits a standard single mattress (190 x 90cm). Mattresses are not included, but can be supplied.”

Check out the picture here.

Camper van life can be fun and at the same time fulfilling.

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