Keeping Car Seat Belts Clean

Step-by-step instructions to clean seat belts


It is also important to have clean seat belts. (Photo Credits)

Seat belts are essential in any transport vehicle. It ensures the safety of the passengers and gives people the peace of mind.

But a dirty seat belt can soil the clothes of a car passenger. Seat belts get dirty for a lot of reason, and in reality, they get dirty over time. shares this observation: “While seat upholstery gets cleaned, vinyl dashes and door panels get scrubbed and carpets get shampooed, most folks forget about (or ignore) the lowly seat belt and shoulder harness. With a small amount of elbow grease and a few common cleaners, you can make the seat belt and shoulder harness assemblies gleam like new.”

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Safety essential

The Texas Department of Transportation emphasized that proper use of seat belts should be followed.

“Safety belts are most effective when used properly. Lap belts should fit snugly across the hips, not over the stomach. Shoulder belts go over the shoulder and across the center of the chest. Never tuck a shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back.”

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The website Autoblog meantime shared a video with a step-by-step instructional guide on cleaning seat belts.
“To minimize future mold issues. If you access to a steam machine, spray fabric cleaner on the belt and blast the webbing with pressurized steam to blow dirt away and kill germs. Steam is also helpful at minimizing the amount of moisture used and subsequently, the time required to dry. Lastly, dry with a cloth towel by squeezing the belt between your hands, and running up and down the fibers. Then leave the belt extended overnight to dry. If the belt is retracted and retains moisture, mold and bacteria will grow within the spool,”

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Seat belts should be cleaned regularly.

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