Ways to keep the dashboard neat and tidy


The dashboard can be a magnet of dust, so it is best to be kept dust free. (Photo Credits)

Maintaining a clean and dust-free dashboard can be a feat in itself especially since dashboards usually harbor dust and dirt. But there are ways to keep it clean for a longer period of time.

Tip Hero came up with advice on how to keep the Dashboard cleaner and dust-free for longer periods.

“Have trouble getting the dashboard, center console and doors in your car to really shine up? Even if you’re using chemicals (which smell awful, especially when trapped in an enclosed space), dust seems to settle quickly and leave your car looking a little worse for wear. But using this hack, using just a dab of olive oil, you’ll be shocked at how new your car’s interior will look! In the comments section of a similar Lifehacker post, several readers recommend using baby oil to achieve the same results.”

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Organic and Chemical Free Cleansers

The website Mommy Foot Print also came up with tips on how to keep vehicle interiors clean and fresh smelling, Shinier and tidier dashboards are included in the article.

“Time to make your dashboard shiny! Traditional wipes or dashboard sprays that are used to ‘polish’ the hard plastic are no longer needed!  Just like cleaning my stainless steel kitchen appliances, I put some olive oil on a paper towel and wiped down the dash and plastic cup holders in the back of the van. My kids helped and thought this method of cleaning was brilliant! I’ve only tested the olive oil polish on our plastic dash board, if you are trying to a different material, test first in a small corner of the dash to ensure it doesn’t stain or discolor your dash.  I have to say – this is the best tip for reducing toxic cleaning supplies with cleaning your car’s interior  – my dash board is shiny and looks fantastic. No smell either – even with parking the van in the hot sun all day.”

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As for sticky dashboards – which is not an uncommon issue – the website It Still Runs came up with a detailed article educating its readers about the best way to remedy the said issue.

“Wipe the surface of the dashboard to remove all large particles, such as dust and food. Dip a soft cloth into a solution of warm, soapy water that was made with a foam cleaner and warm water. Wring out the soft cloth until it is damp. Do not allow the solution to drip, as this can damage the vehicle’s electronics. Wipe the surface of the dashboard with the damp cloth until the surface is no longer sticky. This is likely to take up to five applications of the cleaner. Use a new cloth each time to prevent the rag from contaminating the surface. Allow the dashboard to dry. In extreme circumstances, you can use a plastic scraper to peel away gunk from the surface of the dashboard.”

The conitnuiation of the cleaning procedure can be found here.

Regularly cleaning the dashboard can help in maintaining a dust-free, smooth and shiny car interior.

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