Fresh smelling vehicle

A fresh-smelling vehicle will always be a joy to drive. (Photo Credits)

Car odor plays a huge impact in the driving satisfaction of a person. After all being confined inside an enclosed place for a certain period of time, will make a person conscious about odors – good or bad.

So how can a vehicle owner keep his car smelling fresh?

The website came up with a write-up sharing how automobiles can smell fresh all the time. The initial step they mentioned is removing trash and clutter inside the car.

“Keep your car trash free. Remove all trash, food items, laundry, or other odor-causing items every time you get out of the car. You can either carry a small, portable trash can in your car or just take everything out by hand when you get to your destination.”

Take a look at the succeeding steps in the original article here.

Hit the break on the munchies

Automobile website also came up with a feature article on how to keep a car smelling fresh. One of the ways that have been discussed is avoiding to eat in the car.

“Eating while driving, or even when you are parked, should be avoided. Even if you are careful not to drop anything or stain the interiors, a bad smell will build up inside over time. It is better to take a break and grab a bite, else your car will start smelling like a kitchen in a few days. In case you have absolutely no choice and need to eat in the car on some rare occasion, make sure that you do not touch the steering or anything else with dirty hands. Keep some paper towels handy, and throw out all the garbage immediately when you are done.”

The rest of the advice can be read here.

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Online car selling website Carmudi also published in its web page its share of tips on how to keep a car smelling pleasant. One of their advice is to regularly vacuum and clean the interiors of the car.

“Hands down, the most important activities to keep your car clean. To keep your car interior looking and smelling like new, you need to vacuum and shampoo the cabin regularly. Aside from getting rid of any bad smell, these actions will get rid of dirt, dust, and grime from various surfaces such as carpeting, upholstery, and mats. Vacuum your car weekly and shampoo it once a month. If the surfaces are really dirty, you’ll need to vacuum and shampoo more than once and more often.”

The rest of the advice can be found here.

Maintaining a fresh-smelling car is easy, as long as the owner is willing to regularly deep clean the inside of his vehicle, and avoid bringing in food items and things that could make the car smell unpleasant.

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