Is it safe to drive a car with a cracked windshield?

Vehicle owners should never shrug off windshield repairs

Vehicle owners should never shrug off windshield repairs

One of the first questions a car owner will have in mind upon discovering a crack in their windshield is how safe is the car to drive? Would the windshield suddenly give in and shatter while the car is in motion? Will it make way for water leaks once it rains?

Auto glass experts say that generally, a windshield with a relatively small crack is safe to drive. SD Auto Glass Website However, it is still best to have it repaired right away since it presents a huge safety risk when driving.

Risks of driving a car with a cracked windscreen

While there are two layers of glass in the windshield that will keep it from shattering unto the passengers, driving a car with a cracked windshield still poses safety hazards. Foremost of these safety hazards is the compromised structural integrity of the whole windscreen. About the business

Unknown to most people, the windshield acts as one of the safety features of the vehicle. It holds the roof of the vehicle in place so that it will not collapse on the passengers when the car collides with another structure or vehicle, or when it crashes and turns upside down.

If the structural integrity of the windshield is affected by a crack, then the glass and its framing are not as likely to hold the roofing up securely in case of an accident. Moreover, a crack in the windshield can easily worsen and spread with vibration, intense temperature fluctuations, and extreme weather conditions among other uncontrollable factors. When this happens, it could distract the driver, or cause more inconvenience.

Violates road safety regulations

In some areas in the United States, driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield is considered a violation of road safety regulations. It is possible to get a citation for driving a vehicle with damaged auto glass. El Cajon SD Auto Glass So in essence, the foregoing windshield repair service presents a three-pronged negative possibility – it could lead to a traffic violation, it could mean more expenses, and it is a safety hazard.

A windshield crack is repairable

The good news is, windshield cracks are repairable. Depending on the size and location of the crack, windshield experts can easily determine whether the damage can still be repaired, or requires an immediate replacement. Today’s technology allows for seamless and unnoticeable windshield crack repair that ensures the safety of the driver and all of his passengers.  And even better is that this type of repair, or even a windshield replacement, can be done in the comfort of one’s own home through a mobile windshield repair service.